We love the feedback for our parents….it makes our day!

‘We love Castlefield primarily because we have Robyn and Lynne. They are fantastic with caring for our son and he adores them! His language was delayed and he was very clingy. Robyn and Lynne were amazing at settling him and helping him to develop his language skills, his social skills and building his confidence. We will miss them dearly’. Megan T

‘Carers are very friendly and patient. We don’t speak English at home, my son developed some English speaking skills and he enjoys the time there very much’. Jianan G

 ‘This program has enhanced my daughters confidence and has helped improve her speech in a loving environment with having small groups staff are able to accommodate the needs of all children and support families’. Hailey G

‘I couldn’t be happier with the care and service provided by staff. And my son feels the same. He loves attending the two yr old program and has so much love from his teachers. It is very intimate and nurturing environment where the children are given plenty of attention’. Lisa G

‘My daughter loves to see Robyn and Lynne at occasional care. We are thrilled with the variety of activities and level of care on offer-especially through toilet training!’ Amy B

‘Castlefield is a beautiful learning environment for children. We are thrilled to be part of this community and highly recommend occasional care’. Ali H

h ‘We have loved the three year old program at Castlefield. Charli has made friends, continued to develop and learnt social skills. We have a very satisfied and happy girl’. Sarah C.

‘My children have really enjoyed the 3 yr old program at Castlefield. The wide range of activities the new outdoor area and, of course, Robyn and Lynne mean my children really look forward to their week’s session’. Ella M.

‘Great facilities with varied activities. The educators are fantastic and have built a strong relationship with my son. Since my son has been coming here I have noticed a great change in his development and confidence’. Tamara W

Castlefield Community Centre child care program really is a hidden gem. We have had the most fantastic experience over the last two years. Robyn and Lynne, we can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you put in to running an outstanding program. The connection you have built with our son and every child and family in the program has made our time with you so special. Thank you so much’. Kimberley L.